Sagelord Frixion the Inquisitor




Electrical (Energy) Form: While in this form; immune to electrical damage, can use Energy Control power and when transforming deal electrical damage to anyone within 2 squares of hero (ally or foe). (Free action)


Clair-sentience: Rank 1- The ability to send all 5 senses to a desired location for scouting, eavesdropping, or setting a trap. (-5 per rank)

Mental Communication: Rank 1- The ability to talk to anyone telepathically. Language-dependent and I can only talk to those with a mind. (-5 per rank)

Senses: Rank 4- Precognition rank 1- Each rank after the first one will add a +1 to the roll. Depending on the degree of success will incur either, really helpful information or useless information. After gazing into the future must roll a save to see if I am overwhelmed from unveiling the curtain of the future.(-1 per rank, can add them into multiple senses)

Flight: Rank 2- In 30 seconds I can travel 120 ft. (1 per rank [-1 for wings])

Immortality: Rank 2- Flawed (“Limited”)- Subtract Immortality rank from a time rank of 19 (one month) to determine how long it takes. Current resurrection time is 1 week. (-1 per rank)

Teleport: Rank 4- I can teleport myself and up to 50 lbs. (mass rank 0) of additional mass a distance rank equal to your effect rank as a move action. Unwilling passengers get a Dodge resistance check to avoid being taken along. Current Distance I cant teleport is 500 ft.

Energy Control (Electricity): Rank 2- I can control Electricity and use it as a weapon or a affliction. (-2 per rank)

Regeneration: Rank 1- Extra (Persistent)- Currently Regenerate 1 damage per minute and – 1 toughness penalty every 6 rounds. (-2 per rank)

Healing: Rank 2- Extra (Resurrection)- You can heal Damage conditions by touching a subject
and taking a standard action to make a DC 10 Healing check. Each degree of success healing one Damage condition, starting with the subject’s worst condition, and working down, as if the subject were recovering rapidly. If the subject is dying, the highest degree of success stabilizes the subject, removing the dying condition. If the Healing check fails, you must wait one minute or use extra effort in order to try again.Resurrection- You can restore life to the dead! If the subject has been dead for fewer minutes than your Healing rank, makes a DC 20 Healing check. If successful, the patient’s condition becomes incapacitated, as if just stabilized. If the check fails, you can only try again using extra effort. (-2 per rank)


Sagelord Frixion the Inquisitor

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